B.C’s top construction contractors were recognized at the 2016 Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s (VRCA) annual Awards of Excellence gala on October 5.

The VRCA Gold Awards went to 16 winners for their use of special techniques and procedures, new materials and additional artistic or innovative features on their projects. In this year’s competition, there were more than 150 submissions and 45 projects considered.

The total value of the submissions was in excess of $1.3 billion, a significant increase over last year’s submissions which totaled $500 million.

Project award categories are numerous and recognize General and Trade Contractors, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors, and Manufacturers and Suppliers who deliver an entire project or a component of a project according to specific financial and non-financial criteria. Covering industrial, commercial and institutional projects, this year’s submissions were a mix of new builds, renovation projects, and mixed-use construction.

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