2018 Project Nomination Forms

Looking to get extra exposure and recognition for your business?  The 2018 Awards of Excellence, on October 23, 2018, is a great opportunity to showcase your company’s commitment to quality and professionalism!  Three Silver Award winners will be selected in 15 project categories.  On the night, one Silver Award winner from each category will be chosen as the Gold Award winner.

Once you have reviewed the ‘Criteria and Conditions’, please complete one of the following nomination forms and send it by email to awards@vrca.ca. or by mail to 3636 East 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5M 1M3.  

The project awards submission is now closed.

2018 Outstanding Achievement Nomination Forms

Do you know a VRCA member that has made a significant impact or contribution to the industry?

Developed an innovative product/service? Maintained a superior safety record? Volunteered time to benefit the community? If so, nominate them for an Outstanding Achievement Award! Nominations must be submitted by August 10, 2018. Read the Outstanding Achievement Awards nomination criteria here.

2018 Life Membership Nomination

The purpose of a Life Membership with VRCA is to honour and recognize those that have retired and contributed to the industry and association. It provides an opportunity for Life Members to remain in contact with each other for the purpose of pursuing matters of mutual interest in the construction industry.

2018 VRCA Awards of Excellence Criteria & Conditions

Nominations will be accepted from members of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association and the submissions shall include information as required in the criteria and conditions below. 

Project nomination forms must be completed and submitted by April 13, 2018.  Companies must be prepared with a completed submission package following the criteria and conditions, stated below, for their meeting with the judges in June 2018.

General Contractor are permitted to submit nominations provided that they are members of the VRCA and have at least one superintendent or full-time construction manager on their payroll on the job site throughout the life of the project.  For the categories of Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor and Trade Contractor, members of the Electrical Contractors Association, Mechanical Contractors Association and COCTA, who are contracted to a VRCA member company, are also eligible.

The project (or contract entry) must have substantial completion within the two calendar years leading up to April 30 of the year the nomination is made.

A panel of judges appointed by the Board of Directors of VRCA will review all the project submissions after April 30, 2018.  If they believe a site visit is deemed beneficial for the final decision, you will contacted to schedule a site visit. Otherwise, please be prepared to present your project at the VRCA Office. Companies will be notified after May 11, 2018, for an appointment.   The judges reserve the right to re-assign entries to the category they deem fit. The decisions of the judges are final.

Part of all submissions by General Contractors, Trade Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Mechanical Contractors and Manufacturers & Suppliers must include a minimum 1 page ‘Fact Sheet’ based on the 6 criteria points below. This document will be integral in evaluating the merits of the project entry. If you are invited to present your project to the judges, please be prepared to provide more detailed information such as additional photographs or drawings or other backup information to the judges at the time of the presentation.


(1) Presentation

All photographs submitted become the property of VRCA.  These will be used to promote the Awards of Excellence, VRCA and the construction industry. Photographs should be in high resolution eps and jpg formats. Please send your Dropbox invitations or links to FTP sites to.

Please provide a 200-word statement outlining the project and identifying why you consider your project “award-worthy”. Optional materials include references and testimonial letters by trade contractors, owners, or stakeholders, and other awards presented for this project. Please have your statements ready for when your site visit or presentation is scheduled and 10 additional copies (including one digital copy) of your presentation ready for when your site visit or presentation is scheduled.

(2) Financial Performance

Sufficient information should be provided to the judges to evaluate the budget performance of the project, including if profit objectives were met. Please also include the bidding method that was used to secure the contract.

(3) Schedule

Information must be provided to show the project’s schedule data and the actual performance relative to the agreed schedule.

(4) Value Engineering,  Innovations & Bidding Process

Provide details on any special tools such as BIM or other that were used during the bidding process.

Provide information on any specific innovations or improvements through value engineering that provided a financial benefit to the owner or improvements to the schedule.

(5) Challenges

Outline any unexpected hurdles that you over came, and how they were resolved.

(6) Sustainable Construction

Provide any information on LEED, Excellence in Building or similar systems, if they were a requirement in the construction of this project.

Other Conditions

Safety Record

Please include your project’s safety practices and records, including lost / time accidents (if applicable) on this project.

Site Co-operation

Communications and co-operations between the stakeholders on this project.

Material Management

Procurement, delivery and storage of materials for this project.


Evidence must be presented to clearly indicate the level of quality achieved on the project. Testimonials are welcomed.

Patent Rights

If the project entry contains any feature which is or could be protected by patent rights, the submission must be accompanied by written evidence to show that the necessary steps have been taken to secure the requisite legal protection since neither the sponsor of the award nor the Vancouver Regional Construction Association can assume any responsibility for “prior disclosure” in advance of a patent application.


As a General Contractor if you nominate an Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Trade Contractor or Material Supplier it is your responsibility to advise your nominees of the site visit and/or presentation date. If your nominees are not present they may not be considered for the award. Trade contractors and M&S members can request a private presentation or form part of the General Contractor’s presentation.

Project Reviews

Project Reviews will be conducted from June 1 to June 30, 2018. VRCA will contact you to schedule a site visit or presentation at the VRCA office.