Serge Massicotte of the Lean Construction Institute – Canada spoke at the Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s Construction Leadership Forum in Whistler, B.C. on May 6.
Massicotte began by explaining the LCI-Canada is a special committee of the Canadian Construction Association, and is a diverse volunteer group of owner representatives, designers, constructors and industry suppliers, established in 2015.
“We have a bit of a broken industry,” Massicotte said, starting with very poor productivity in construction. Even with more technology, “we aren’t as productive as we should be.”
Lean is five principles, he said, all based upon trust.
  • Defining value
  • Mapping the value stream
  • Creating flow
  • Establishing pull
  • The pursuit of perfection

Lean began in the automotive industry with the advent of the assembly line, and was fine-tuned by Japanese auto manufacturers.

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