Success at work has a lot to do with communication.  Our ability to be understood and to understand directly impacts performance for ourselves, our teams and our projects.

But communication can be tricky because different people have different styles.  The way we effectively interact with one person will not necessarily translate to another.  And yet, it’s crucial that as leaders we can adapt our style to speak with clarity, share ideas and influence a variety of different people.  Some of these people report to us, but often we need interact and influence peers, other departments, vendors, subcontractors and customers.

Learning Outcomes

  • The importance of communication in our ability to succeed
  • How to recognize different behavioral styles
  • Strategies to effectively communicate with each style
  • How to have crucial conversations that enhance communication that builds trust


tim oconnor

Tim O’Connor

Tim O’Connor is a leading business consultant, speaker, veteran entrepreneur, and CEO of Results Canada Inc.  He has applied his leadership and business skills to drive significant results in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments.

Today Tim and the Results Canada team work with growth-oriented clients, both large and small, helping them to deliver extraordinary results.  He engages leadership teams in the creation of their strategic plans and coaches them through successful execution.


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