Whether it’s electricians or pipefitters, carpenters or plumbers, foremen or equipment operators, cumulative fatigue and decreased alertness can result in impaired performance, increased incidents, and reduced health and safety. This session will deliver practical strategies on the best way to optimize personal health, safety and performance while minimizing the consequences of fatigue as they relate to working in the construction industry and the exposure to physically demanding jobs, shift work, overtime and extended hours. Key topics include an introduction to sleep cycles and personal strategies to minimize fatigue and promote alertness.

Learning Outcomes

  •  Identify the primary causes of fatigue including those they are in control of and those they are not
  • Describe the stages of sleep and the essential roles of each stage
  • Understand the impact of sleep debt on overall health, safety, family and performance
  • Evaluate their own sleep environment for optimal sleep efficiency
  • Recognize the connection between fatigue impairment and alcohol impairment



Mike Harnett

Mike Harnett has over twenty-five years of experience consulting with various Canadian and US government agencies including NASA and the nuclear safety commission, as well as assisting transportation, mining, petrochemical, maritime, and emergency service industries.

With a background in human factors and sleep neurobiology, Mike is recognized for her ability to take complex subjects and deliver their content in a simplified and innovative manner for all to understand. An award-winning speaker, she is known for her sense of humor and is a sought after keynote and technical presenter throughout North America.


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