We live in a world where virtually every skill is being commoditized – and demonetized. In short, simple terms, the market is crowded, we all look the same, and that’s bad for our bottom line.

The antidote to this situation is a strong brand – a message that sets you apart from your competitors, and makes you attractive to your buyers. A powerful brand makes you unique, special, and worth far more than any commodity.

So how do you build that brand? Award-winning brand strategist Marc Stoiber takes us through the process in a lighthearted, easy to follow presentation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the elements of a powerful brand.
  • Learn how to create them for your company.
  • Identify how to leverage them for your business advantage.


Marc StoiberMarc Stoiber

Marc Stoiber is a brand consultant, entrepreneur and writer. Over the past years, Marc has led the creative departments of multinational ad agencies, founded his own ‘green’ ad firm, sold that firm to an innovation company, and authored the award-winning book Didn’t See It Coming.

Today, he consults with clients both large and small, teaches marketing at Royal Roads University, and is involved in four startups.

He speaks on brands from coast to coast, and blogs / podcasts prolifically.


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