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About the 2018 Construction Leadership Forum

Watch Keynote Speaker: Marc Kielburger

Designed for middle managers, the conference will address current issues, trends, best practices and equip delegates with tools to become well rounded industry leaders.

This year’s program will include panel discussions, engaging sessions, and a variety of networking activities that will help delegates make valuable connections.

Keynote Speaker: Marc Kielburger

An Unconventional Education: How I Learned about Leadership from Oprah, Nelson Mandela and My Grandma

Marc Kielburger learned to lead at the age of 17 when he and his brother Craig founded a global movement against child slavery. Part of the vanguard of young entrepreneurs, the Kielburgers didn’t have formal training in how to build an organization. But they knew how to innovate and take risks, and they benefited from the mentorship and friendship of powerful, world-renowned leaders. The lessons Marc gleaned from these deep relationships, as well as his own experiences leading a global organization, are the basis for this speech. In this engaging, interactive keynote, Marc delivers actionable leadership lessons as he weaves the tale of his journey from high school kid to leader of a global enterprise. His savvy insights and advice are peppered with accounts of the extraordinary leaders who have coached and mentored him. But that’s not all. This speech takes audience interaction to a whole new level by letting the audience choose the stories they most want to hear. Whether it’s an anecdote involving President Clinton or Kid President, Ed Bradley or Richard Branson, Mohammad Ali or Magic Johnson, Mother Teresa or one of the many top CEOs who have shared their wisdom, attendees of every age will benefit from these entertaining insights.


Attend and earn credit towards Gold Seal Certification!


The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) Gold Seal Certification Program is a comprehensive certification program that showcases expertise and commitment to the construction industry and ensures practitioners are ready to meet the demands of construction projects across the country.

The 2018 Construction Leadership Forum has been accredited by the CCA for one (1) credit towards Gold Seal certification upon successful completion of the conference.


2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

The Construction Leadership Forum is a great opportunity to promote your business, network with industry professionals, and position your company as a leader in the industry!

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