British Columbia industry experts are looking to innovation in materials and methods to push the province forward.

Construction consultant Helen Goodland led a seminar at the Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s recent Construction Leadership Forum in Whistler, B.C. She was joined by Craig Mitchell of Britco LP and Sean Kennedy of Equilibrium Consulting to dive into the future of the British Columbia construction industry.

Innovation, Goodland said, powers the modern world and everything done on a construction site, but in contrast the industry itself sticks to tradition.

“We’re arguably the oldest profession in the world and we’re bumping up against constraints in land, labour and materials,” she said.

Land and labour costs will continue to rise, she added, and the population of B.C. is forecast to top six million people by 2041. Additionally, there will be environmental and social restraints, such as projects likely being required to be carbon neutral.

“All this means we have to be investing and innovating now,” she said, pointing to the U.K. as an example where targets in the construction industry have been set for “faster, cheaper and greener.”

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